2000w Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • Air Pro2000w Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • Air Pro2000w Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • Air Pro2000w Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • Air Pro2000w Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • Air Pro2000w Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter

2000w Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter

2000w watt pure sine wave inverter Intelligent color display high frequency pure sine wave inverter, exquisite workmanship, excellent quality. Looking forward to our cooperation!

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Product Description

1. Product Introduction

2000w watt pure sine wave inverter Why choose high-frequency pure sine wave inverter: professional technology, worry-free after-sales, safety guarantee, factory direct sales, industry-leading, affordable price, no longer let power outages become your troubles!

2.Product Parameter (Specification)








Rated Power


Surge Power

4000W(few seconds)

Input Voltage




Output Voltage







USB Port

5V 1A


50Hz±3 or 60Hz±3

Output Waveform

Pure Sine Wave

Soft Start


AC Regulation

THD<3%(Linear Load)

Output Efficiency

94% MAX

No Load Current




DC Voltage Range




Low Voltage Alam




Low Voltage Shut Down




Low Voltage Recovery




Over Voltage Shut Down




Over Voltage Recovery




Cooling Way

Intelligent Cooling Fan


Battery Low Voltage & Over Voltage, Over Load, Over Temperature, Short Circuit, Reverse Polarity

Working Temperature

-10°C - +50°C

Net Dimension

43*16.5*8.7 cm (L*W*H)

Inner Box Dimension

45.6*20.6*12.2 cm (L*W*H)


52*47.3*38 cm/ 4pcs


5.2 kg (5.7 kg With Inner Box)


24.5 KGS


Colour box


2 Years

3.Product features and applications

2000w watt pure sine wave inverter Comprehensive protection function, purchase brand-new smart chip, hard core configuration, avoid insecurity hazards; intelligent mute, temperature-controlled fan; remote monitoring, necessary for family RV self-driving; intelligent color display, visualized data; widely used, easy to adapt, perfect Application home and outdoor.

4. Product Details

Our products 2000w watt pure sine wave inverter Comprehensive protection function,Over current protection, overload protection, over temperature protection, low/high voltage protection, short circuit protection; temperature control open, double ball low noise, long service life, built-in fan; multi-channel heat sink, convection design, effectively improve heat dissipation efficiency -Electricity protection, faster response and lower losses; huge energy bursts, avoiding the instability hazards of low configuration and second-hand components; application fields are very wide: emergency power supply, travel, truck air conditioning, RV power supply, photovoltaic power plants, home photovoltaics, Electric drill, water pump, outdoor camping, etc.; product packaging and parameters: carton packaging, battery connection line, instruction manual, complete accessories.

5.Product Qualification

Our 2000w watt pure sine wave inverter products have CE RoHS FCC certification, and the quality is guaranteed.

6.Deliver,Shipping And Serving

We have a lot of 2000w watt pure sine wave inverter in stock.We can send the stock products in 3-7 work days. If without stock,or stock is not enough, we will check the delivery time with you.We guarantee to ship the goods within the specified time and choose high-quality logistics services.We will use good packing and ensure the safety.We will be responsible to any product damage caused on delivery.

7. FAQ

1. What is the difference between a pure sine wave inverter and a modified sine wave inverter?

* Pure sine wave inverter adopts the isolation coupling circuit design, high efficiency and stability of high frequency sine wave technology, small size, stable output current and even than the utility grid quality, suitable for all kinds of load operation, can be connected to the common electrical appliances, digital equipment load (such as mobile phones, computers, air conditioners, refrigerators, water pumps, etc.), and without any interference.

* Fixed wave inverter adopts PWM pulse width modulation method modified wave production output, the power quality is not high, can satisfy most of the electricity equipment needs, but it has higher harmonic distortion, when running precision equipment and communications equipment may travel problems, it is hard to start at the same time the high starting current of inductive load.

2. Is the output voltage of our inverter stable?

* The voltage of our inverter is about 220V±3%, which is different from many other inverters on the market when the output voltage drops rapidly when the output is loaded, and even the voltage drops to 200V when the load is full, which has a great impact Load operating status. Our inverter can still output at 220V voltage stably when running at full load to ensure the safety of users.

3. What is an inductive load?

* Inductive loads mainly refer to loads such as motors, compressors, fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, induction cookers, refrigerators, air conditioners, water pumps, etc. These types of loads will reach 3~7 times the rated power at the moment of starting, and need to use pure sine waves. Inverter.

4. What is a resistive load?

* Resistive loads are mainly mobile phones, computers, LCD TVs, incandescent lamps, electric fans, small printers, electric mahjong machines, water dispensers, rice cookers and other electrical appliances. Modified wave inverters can also be used.

5. What are the precautions when using the inverter?

* The positive and negative poles of the battery should be correctly connected to the positive and negative poles of the inverter. Reverse connection may damage the inverter

* Do not overload the output terminal with a load

* The storage environment of the inverter needs to be ventilated and moisture-proof

6. How to calculate the working time of the inverter?

* The use time of the inverter depends on the battery power and the power of the load, you can refer to the following formula:

Working time = DC voltage × battery capacity × 0.8 (battery discharge rate) × 0.9 (inverter conversion efficiency) ÷ load power

For example: 1 pcs 12V100AH battery drives 1 pcs 100W motor through the inverter

           Working time=12V×100AH×0.8×0.9÷100W=8.64 hours

7. How to guarantee the inverter?

* Each pure sine wave inverter has a 2-year warranty

* Each modified sine wave inverter has a 1-year warranty

* During the warranty period, the inverter can be repaired free of charge, except for man-made damage

* After the warranty period expires, the inverter can be repaired for a fee if there is a fault or quality problem. Please contact customer service for details of the repair cost.


---Do you have a catalogue? Can you send me the catalogue to have a check of all your products?

Yes , We have product catalogue.Please contact us on line or send an Email to sending the catalogue.

---I need your price list of all your products, do you have a price list ?

We do not have a price list of all of our products. Because we have so many items,and it’s impossible to mark all of their price on a list.And the price are always changing because of the producing cost.If you want to check any price of our products, please feel free to contact us.We will send offer to you soon!

---I can’t find the product on your catalogue, can you make this product for me?

Our catalogue shows most of our products,but not all.So just let us know what product do you need, and how many do you want.If we do not have it,we can also design and make a new mould to produce it.For your reference,making a ordinary mould will take about 35-45days.

---Can you make customized products and customized packing?

Yes.We made a lot of customized products for our customer before. And we made many moulds for our customers alread. About customized packing,we can put your Logo or other info on the packing.There is no problem.Just have to point out that ,it will cause some additional cost.

---Can you provide samples ? Are the samples free ?

Yes,we can provide samples.But you have to pay for the shipping cos. If you need many items, or need more qty for each item,we will charge for the samples.

---What kind of payment do you accept ? Can I pay RMB ?

We accept T/T(Wire transfer),Western Union and Paypal. Please be sure that we can receive the same amount of the Invoice. And you can pay money In RMB. No problem.

---What about your delivery time?

We have a lot of products in stock.We can send the stock products in 3 work days. If without stock,or stock is not enough, we will check the delivery time with you.

---How to ship my order ? Is it safe?

For small package, we will send it by Express, such as DHL,FedEx,UPS,TNT,EMS.That’s a Door to Door service.For big packages, we will send them by Air or By sea.We will use good packing and ensure the safety.We will be responsible to any product damage caused on delivery.

---Do you have a guarantee of your product quality?

We have a guarantee of one year.

---Can I become an Agent / Dealer of LIANGU products?

Welcome! But please let me know your Country/Area fisrt,We will have a check and then talk about this.If you want any other kind of cooperation,do not hesitate to contact us.

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