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Classification of Button Switches

Classification of button switches
Button switches can be classified according to operation mode and protection mode. Common button categories and characteristics:
Open type: suitable for embedded installation and fixed on the panel of the switch board, control cabinet or console.
Protective type: With a protective shell, it can prevent the internal button parts from being mechanically damaged or people touching the live parts.
Waterproof type: with a sealed shell to prevent rainwater from intruding.
Anti-corrosion type: can prevent the intrusion of chemical corrosive gas.
Explosion-proof type: It can be used in places containing explosive gas and dust without causing explosion, such as coal mines and other places.
Knob type: Rotate the operation contact by hand, there are two positions for on-off, generally panel-mounted.
Key type: Use the key to insert and rotate to operate, which can prevent misoperation or be operated by a dedicated person.
Emergency: There is a big red mushroom button head protruding outside, which is used to cut off the power in an emergency.
Self-sustaining button: The button is equipped with a self-sustaining electromagnetic mechanism, which is mainly used in power plants, substations or test equipment. Operators exchange signals and issue instructions, etc., generally panel operation.
Button with light: The button is equipped with a signal light, which not only is used to issue operation commands, but also serves as a signal indicator. It is mostly used on the panel of the control cabinet and console.
Combination: a combination of multiple buttons.
Interlocking type: multiple contacts are interlocked with each other.
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