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Waterproof System of Metal Push Button Switch

Waterproof system of metal push button switch
When it comes to waterproof push button switches, the most important thing is quality, because waterproof push button switches are switches that can be operated even with wet hands.
The safe waterproof system of the waterproof button switch:
1. It is used to isolate the power supply and disconnect the high-voltage maintenance equipment from the live equipment so that there is an obvious disconnection point between them.
2. The waterproof metal switch cooperates with the circuit breaker, and performs the switching operation according to the needs of the system operation mode to change the system operation wiring mode.
3. When operating the waterproof metal switch, you should pay attention to it. When the line is powered on, first turn on the waterproof metal switch on the bus side, then turn on the line side waterproof metal switch, and then turn on the circuit breaker. When the line is out of power, the circuit breaker should be disconnected first, and then the waterproof metal switch should be opened. Do not pull or close the high-voltage waterproof metal switch with load.
4. Used to connect or disconnect small current circuits. The waterproof metal switch can perform the following operations: it can pull and close the bypass current of the closed circuit switch; pull and close the ground wire of the neutral point of the transformer, but when the neutral point is connected to the arc suppression coil, it can only be used when the system is not faulty. Operable; pull and close voltage transformers and arresters; pull and close the busbar and the capacitive current of the equipment directly connected to the busbar; pull and close the no-load circuit with the capacitive current not exceeding 5A; triple waterproof metal switch can pull and close the voltage In the load of 10 kV and below, the current is below 15 A, etc.Metal Push Button Switch
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