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The classification of the push button switch(2)

(9) Waterproof button(push button switch): with sealed shell, it can prevent rainwater intrusion. Its code is s.

(10) Emergency button(push button switch): a large red mushroom button head protrudes outside, which can be used as a button to cut off the power supply in case of emergency. Its code is j or m.

(11) Open button(push button switch): a button that can be embedded and fixed on the panel of switch board, control cabinet or console. Its code is K.

(12) Interlocking button: a button with multiple contacts interlocked with each other. Its code is C.

(13) Knob type button: a button that rotates the operating contact with the handle. It has two positions of on and off. It is generally panel mounted, and its code is X.

(14) Key button: a button that can be operated by inserting and rotating the key to prevent misoperation or operated by a specially assigned person. Its code is y.

(15) Self supporting button: a button with self-supporting electromagnetic mechanism in the button, whose code is Z.

(16) Combined button: a button with multiple button combinations. Its code is e.
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