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The working principle and use of the push button switch

Working principle of the push button switch
The operating force of the key switch is related to the state of the reed. The starting force is directly proportional to the compression distance of the reed. When the reed is compressed to 5% - 70%, the operating force suddenly decreases, accompanied by a "ticking" sound. There are generally two structures of turtle rubber switch. The operating force curve varies greatly with the geometry of the rubber block.
Relative humidity: < 95%
Rated voltage: 12V
Rated current: 50mA
Temperature: - 25 ~ 70 ℃

Usage of the push button switch
Key switches are mainly used for color TV sets, black-and-white TV sets, audio equipment, video recorders, video cameras, computers, game consoles, fax machines, walkie talkies, batons, machine tool control devices, copying, printers, electronic instruments, meters and other household appliances.
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