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Precautions for Using Green Led Push Button Switch

Precautions for using button switches
There is a big difference between the button switch capabilities in AC and DC circuits, and the control capacity is very low in DC applications. This is mainly because DC does not have a zero point like AC, so it is difficult to eliminate the arc once it occurs, and the arc time is very long. And the direction of the current does not change, so there will be a phenomenon of contact migration, and the contact will not be disconnected due to unevenness, which may cause malfunction.
The constant current and surge current of some types of loads are very different. Use it within the allowable surge current value range. The greater the surge current during the closed circuit, the greater the consumption and migration of the contact, and the contact fusion and migration will cause the contact to fail to open or close.
In the case of electric induction, a back-induced voltage will be generated. The higher the voltage, the greater the energy, and the consumption and migration of the contact will increase accordingly. The control capacity is marked in the rated value, but these are not enough. For special load circuits such as voltage, current waveform, load type, etc. during on and off, the actual equipment must be tested and confirmed separately. When general-purpose silver contacts are used, contact reliability may be reduced.
When the button switch is out of the range of the button switch for the miniature, high-load type, please connect a relay suitable for the load.
Green Led Push Button Switch
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