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How to choose the appropriate push button switch

(1) (push button switch)Always check the button to remove dirt. Due to the small contact spacing of the button, after years of use or poor sealing, dust or oil emulsion will flow in, resulting in reduced insulation and even short circuit accidents. In this case, insulation and cleaning treatment must be carried out, and corresponding sealing measures must be taken.

(2) (push button switch)When the button is used in high-temperature occasions, it is easy to deform and age the plastic, resulting in the loosening of the button and the collision and short circuit between the connecting screws. A fastening ring can be added during installation according to the situation, or an insulating plastic pipe can be added at the wiring screw to prevent loosening.

(3)(push button switch) The button with indicator light is easy to deform the plastic lampshade for a long time, which makes it difficult to replace the bulb. Therefore, it should not be used in places with long power on time; If you want to use it, you can appropriately reduce the bulb voltage and prolong its service life.

(4) (push button switch)If poor contact is found, the cause shall be found out: if the contact surface is damaged, it can be trimmed with a fine file; If there is dust or soot on the contact surface, wipe it with a clean cotton cloth dipped in solvent; If the contact spring fails, it shall be replaced; If the contact is seriously burned, the product shall be replaced.
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